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Our New Facility: State of the Art Equipment 

Our purpose-built Sixth Form Centre shares a site with the Village College, but is a distinctive, separate building with its own entrance from West Cambourne, its own parking and a very different ambience. Designed for teaching a full range of A Level and Applied subjects, we will have excellent facilities for the delivery of STEM studies, including five Science labs and bespoke facilities for Design Technology and Engineering. Art and Photography are delivered in specialist rooms, and a new Music Technology suite within the Music Department enhances a range of A Level musical studies. 

The superbly-stocked sixth-form library is staffed by qualified librarian and our large study centre and lecture hall will support your learning. There are 15 teaching rooms with the newest technology to support curriculum delivery. The sixth form café is a perfect venue for down-time between classes, while the state-of-the-art performance hall and sports facilities of the mainstream school are available for sixth form use. 

Below you will find a selection of our architect’s designs that showcase the size and scale of our learning environment.   

Our reception area and the designated Sixth Form entrance

Our landscaped rear courtyard for socialising and informal outside study 

Our dining facility  

Our well equipped library 

Our Independent study area 

The double height lecture theatre for events  

Our specialist Science labs