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Level 3 IPQ

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Cambridge International Project Qualification

Cambridge International Qualifications

Entry Requirements

At least 5 x 7s

Why study Level 3 IPQ? 

We live in the digital era, an information-rich society in which young people need the skills and dispositions to think critically and creatively. Thinking critically will enable learners to identify, analyse and evaluate situations, ideas and information. Thinking creatively will enable learners to solve new problems and approach new challenges. Cambridge International Project Qualification (Cambridge IPQ) is a brand new standalone qualification, designed to provide an opportunity for learners to develop these skills and dispositions by carrying out research into a topic of their choice linked to their A Level studies. Through completing this qualification young people will gain the confidence to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges of the digital era.

What can it lead?

The aim of this course is to encourage a successful transition to university through a greater focus on independent, self-directed learning, as well as lateral, critical and creative thinking. As such, it is highly valued by many of the most competitive higher education institutions.

Students who have successfully completed this qualification have made successful applications to many Russell Group Universities, including both the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.