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BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Subject leader and contact

Emma McConnell : Head of Business Studies


BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Pearson BTEC - 601/7414/6

Entry Requirements

4 in GCSE Business or L2 Pass in BTEC Business if studied previously 

Why study BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship?

The course will give you a clear idea of what it is like to run a business. You will explore the mindset and traits of an entrepreneur as well as gaining a valuable understanding of what it is like to run a business. This will include learning about the activities undertaken by entrepreneurs such as marketing as well as gaining an understanding of the principles of accounting. 

BTEC qualifications are assessed by both coursework-based assignments as well as written exams. Therefore the qualification is suitable for students who are organised and prefer to be assessed over the duration of the course by a combination of both coursework and exams. 

Where can it lead?

A BTEC in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship will provide you with UCAS points and enable you to progress on to higher education, an apprenticeship or to start your own enterprise. 

As part of the course you will develop transferable knowledge and skills that would be useful in any profession. For example, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, and organisation skills. 

BTEC Enterprise Extras

There are numerous documentaries and reading materials available that allow students to explore business in a greater depth. More information on these will be provided as part of the course induction. 

Course Content

This is a two-year course consisting of twelve units and is the equivalent to three A levels.

The units studied are:

Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (coursework unit)
In this unit you will research the nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship before investigating the motivations for entrepreneurship. This will be based on a chosen entrepreneur. 
You will also examine the opportunities and constraints for enterprises and entrepreneurs as well as examining the entrepreneurial skills that are needed to launch a business. 

Developing a Marketing Campaign (externally assessed unit)
This unit will introduce you to the principles and purposes of marketing that underpin the 
creation of a rationale for a marketing campaign. 
You will learn to use information to develop a rationale for a marketing campaign. 
You will also study how to plan and develop a marketing campaign.

Personal and Business Finance (written exam) 
You will learn about the importance of managing personal finance and explore the personal finance sector. 
For business finance you will understand the purpose of accounting, and be able to select and evaluate different sources of finance. You will learn how to complete break-even and cash flow forecasts. In addition you will be learn to complete statements of comprehensive income and financial position and be able to evaluate a business's performance. 

Social Enterprise (coursework unit)
As part of this unit you will investigate a range of social enterprises before exploring the factors that contribute to the success or failure of these types of organisation. 
You will also  plan, participate in and review a short social enterprise activity.